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Updated November 25, 2005
Lost Valley Observatory Construction: See Link Below. Click Images to Enlarge




This section contains a somewhat detailed account of the construction of the Lost Valley Observatory (formerly known as  the MAS Observatory).  This observatory is 14 x 17 feet insize and of a roll-off roof design.  It was modeled after the SkyShed design.  As will be detailed, I would strongly advise anyone constructing such an observatory utilize their expertise.  Their plans saved me numerous errors. 
The observatory itself is fully robotic, despite its size.  It can be run, from opening the roof, to imaging and processing, via remote desktop with Windows XP.  It utilizes a number of SmartHome devices, including a SmartHome USB interface.  Much of the credit for this successful design goes to John Smith, who was instrumental in his capacity as my consultant.  Both he, and Ron Wodowski (through his book) were instrumental in guiding me to a solid mount and quality telescope.  I hope these pages are helpful to others who are attempting a project such as this. 
This observatory was closed down when I moved back to California in October of 2006 

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